Keith Chow

education and outreach editor

Keith’s love for comics likely began as a small boy in the kitchen of Luray, Virginia's Brown's Chinese American Restaurant. There, his father Kenny read to him the classic Hong Kong humor strip, Lo Fu Ji (pinyin: Lao Fu Zi; English: Old Master Q). Unfortunately, once Keith started school, he forgot how to read Chinese, but never forgot the impact sequential art had on his young mind.

Later, Keith graduated to other comics like Captain Carrot and G.I. Joe. The one constant, though, was always the World's Finest: Batman & Superman. According to his mother, the first picture Keith ever drew was a highly detailed rendering of Bats and Supes taking on giant robots. But, much like his Chinese, Keith's skills as an artist quickly diminished as well.

As an undergraduate at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, Keith founded the still-thriving Asian Pacific American Student Union (APASU) and was named Multicultural Student Services' Innovator of the Year in 2000. College was also the first time Keith's knowledge of comics paid off when his poem A Lonely Night in Gotham City earned the school's Sigma Tau Delta prize for poetry in 1996. His poetry has also appeared in the Asian Pacific American Journal and the Powhatan Review.

For several years, Keith was a high school English teacher and freelance writer for Wizard Entertainment's ToyFare Magazine. From 2004 until just recently, he was the Education Specialist at Diamond Comic Distributors; he recently returned to freelance writing after the birth of his lovely daughter Keina Kojima Chow on July 3 of this year to his equally lovely wife, Natsuko.